Pricing & Appointments

 In order to offer the best service to our clients. Appointments are necessary. We try to accommodate appointments as soon as possible but are not an urgent referral service. Please ensure that all relevant referral letters, reports, and forms are provided. Cancellation charges apply in the case of missed appointments.

Please note: A small fee of €15 applies in the case of a support letter, and €25 in the case of completion of forms such as the DCA application


Single Discipline Assessments

Speech and language therapy: Evaluation of receptive, expressive, and social communication skills: €490

Occupational therapy: Assessments of motor, coordination, and sensory processing skills: €490

 Clinical psychology: Developmental assessment (child under 3 years): €720

Intellectual assessment: Includes measures of emotional/ behavioural development, and independence/self care skills: €930

Additional assessment sessions: (e.g. for attainment tests, diagnostic measures): €150

Psychology consultation: (1st/2nd session): €150/120

Multi Disciplined Assessments

Developmental assessment for child under 3 years: Involves clinical psychology, speech and language, and occupational therapy assessments: €1500

Multi disciplinary intellectual, motor/ coordination, and speech and language evaluations for children over 3 years: €1750

Psychology and speech and language or occupational therapy assessment: Involves psychology and one other discipline (i.e. speech and language or occupational therapy): €1300

Autism spectrum disorder assessments: always involve multiple appointments and evaluation of a child’s functioning across a number of areas. Assessments always involve a clinical psychologist and at least one other professional. Prices from €1350


Speech and language therapy: €90

Occupational therapy: €90

Psychotherapy: €70-€100