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Harnessing the Power of Play for Healing and Growth

At Treehouse Practice, our play therapy services utilize the natural language of children - play - to facilitate healing, self-expression, and growth. Our trained play therapists create a safe and nurturing environment where children can explore their emotions, experiences, and challenges through play.

Therapy Session

How We Help

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Non-Directive Approach

Play therapy allows children to lead the play session, expressing themselves freely without judgment or pressure.

Emotional Expression

Through various play materials, children can express and make sense of their emotions, helping them develop emotional awareness and regulation.

Trauma Processing

Play therapy provides a safe and gentle avenue for children to process traumatic experiences, allowing for healing and resolution.

Problem-Solving Skills

Play therapy helps children develop problem-solving and decision-making skills, promoting resilience and adaptive coping strategies.

Strengthening Relationships

Play therapy can enhance the parent-child relationship, as parents can participate in sessions and learn new ways to connect and support their child.

Symbolic Expression and Metaphor

Play therapy allows children to express themselves symbolically, using toys and play materials to represent and process their experiences, emotions, and challenges.


Trauma, Individual, Group, Play and Family Counseling

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