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Strengthening Bonds and Nurturing Healing Together

At Treehouse Practice, we believe in the important role of family dynamics in the healing process. Our family therapy services are designed to foster stronger bonds and create a supportive and nurturing environment for healing.

Therapy Session

How We Help

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Strengthening Communication

We facilitate open and honest communication among family members, helping to address conflicts, improve understanding, and enhance family dynamics.

Rebuilding Trust and Connection

We work collaboratively with your family to rebuild trust, strengthen bonds, and create a supportive environment for healing.

Identifying Patterns

Our therapists help you identify and understand patterns of interaction that may contribute to difficulties, allowing for positive changes and healthier family dynamics.

Shared Healing and Growth

Family therapy provides an opportunity for shared healing and growth, enabling all family members to support each other through the challenges of the healing journey.

Parenting Support

We offer guidance and tools to parents/caregivers to navigate the impact of trauma on parenting, promoting effective strategies for supporting their child's healing.

Conflict Resolution

We help families develop effective conflict resolution strategies and enhance communication skills, enabling healthier and more harmonious interactions among family members.


Trauma, Individual, Group, Play and Family Counseling

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